Alex Kruzel

(312) 356-5707

With a focus on both international and domestic markets, Alex Kruzel has been assisting companies and public sector organizations develop and execute their strategies for more than 8 years. Alex has served clients across a variety of industries, including Retail, Technology, Travel, Hospitality & Leisure, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Professional Services and Public Sector. She specializes in helping clients identify opportunities for growth via global expansion and then implementing strategic initiatives by translating them into tactical, measurable and self-sustaining programs.

Recent assignments include:

Growth via Improved Conversion Rates Supported one of the 5 fastest growing tech companies in the US with developing and implementing a new marketing strategy. Collaborated with company executives to create a cohesive marketing strategy and corresponding thought leadership, to optimize Marketing & Sales interaction and process flows, and to monitor sales results against established performance benchmarks. As marketing plan continues to be implemented, the tech company has enjoyed improved conversion rates and YOY sales performance.

Growth via Global Expansion For a $16B international retail company, supported executives in developing and implementing a market expansion strategy into the Middle East and South Asia to pilot smaller and geographically-tailored retail outlets. As part of pilot phase, helped design analytical tools to test strategic assumptions and gauge overall strategic risk of potential locations and product assortments. Pilot results dictated final expansion plan and lead to 25 successful store launches in first year.

Prior to joining Market Strategy Group, Alex worked as a manager with Deloitte Consulting. In terms of technical qualifications, Alex is a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Profession (PMP) and holds a Supply Chain Management Certification (from Deloitte Consulting). Over her consulting career, Alex has served clients in a diverse array of geographies, including Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Ukraine, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Indonesia.

Alex received her Masters degree in International Economics from the University of Chicago and her Undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University.