About Us

Market Strategy Group sees business differently. To us, winning isn’t about going from Point A to Point B. It’s about aligning three distinct dimensions – business direction, people & process, and markets & customers – to drive growth.

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Helping clients find and grow from this alignment is what we do. 

Approaches range from the very strategic to the highly operational – from Growth Strategy & Aspiration Workshops for top leadership, to Strategic Plan Development and Execution (vision to annual operating plan) across multifunctional teams.

They span the internal – C-Suite Business Planning, for example – and the external, like  External Market Ecosystem Assessments.

Among the results: year-over-year double-digit growth, reduced operating costs for more profitable growth, improved sales and organizational readiness, better performance in both new and existing markets, and new business directions leading to mergers, acquisitions, and other new strategic partnerships and options.

If growth is on your horizon, we welcome a conversation.