People & Process

Defending Market Share With Customer Experience Redesign

Customer loyalty had slipped below 50% for a global, $1 billion B2B engineering services company. What was once an uncontested market had become crowded with competitive options, making loyalty a high-priority imperative. As advisors to top management and coaches for teams chartered to redesign customer experience, Market Strategy Group helped uncover opportunities across the business, from employee training, to the buying experience, to new business models, to refreshed business policies and practices. Our roadmap allowed the client to maintain a defensible position against competitive threats and retain a dominant market share.

Exceeding Growth Objectives with New Sales Pursuit Process and Organization

Challenging growth objectives for a complex solutions business unit required the business to stand up and operate a new sales pursuit process and organization. Market Strategy Group assisted by reengineering processes, developing key artifacts and tools, and helping define roles, responsibilities and rules of engagement for the new organization. MSG also functioned as program manager for the initiative, ensuring timely and effective implementation of a pursuit team and process that has helped enable the complex solutions unit to reach and exceed its growth objectives.