Putting Your Money Where Your Strategy Is

How do organizations overcome the common disconnect between strategic planning and budgeting decisions? Market Strategy Group wanted to learn from those who live it. We spoke with Executives from Strategy and Finance Functions to get real, best-in-class answers to this thorny question.

Rebooting Your Professional Services Offering

Cloud professional services is predicted to grow to $34 Billion in 2019, and your firm may seek to pursue this emerging opportunity. Doing so can help accelerate adoption of your SaaS platform and its recurring revenue. Should you create or reboot your professional services offering? And if so, how?

How to Defeat Disruptive Innovators

The threat of disruption from new competitors and new technologies looms over every company. This white paper, the first in a series, provides a comprehensive description of how companies find themselves failing to identify emerging threats and offers tips we have gleaned from years of working with companies who have been repeatedly successful co-opting new innovations.